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Astronaut Projector Lamp

1. The weight of a single product is about: 220g

2. Approximate color box accessories: 297g

3. Battery model: 18650

4. Battery capacity: 1200mAh

5. Rated power: 4.1W

6. Use time of each file: 2-24 hours

7. Rated current: 1A

8. Rated voltage: 5V

9. Data cable: Type-C

10. Data cable length: 0.8m

11. Packing quantity: 45PCS

12. Packing specifications: 15 pieces per layer, 3 layers in total, no partitions on the upper and lower sides

13. Gross weight of the whole box: 14.33KG

14. The net weight of the whole box is about: 13.35KG

15. The size of a single color box is about: 113X96X127mm

16. Outer box specification: 50*36*41CM (0.07 square)

Product operation

1. On key: the first press is cold white light; the second press is blue light; the third press is warm yellow light; the fourth press is three-color gradient; the fifth press turns off the light.

2. Rotation key: When the light is turned on, press the first time to rotate, the second time to pause the rotation, and so on.

3. Music button: Short press to turn on the music, short press again to switch to your favorite music. When the music is on, long press to turn off the music.

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