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DH11 children's smart watch HD video call GPS positioning 4G primary school phone watch

A: This product is a private model 4G watch (high cost-effective style, European, Asian and African version)

B: Video call, WIFI+LBS precise positioning;

Function list:

1.1.44 HD screen

2. Video call,

3. Freely switch between micro chat and 12 languages (switch automatically on the watch)

4. Multi-dial switching, volume adjustment, brightness adjustment, time adjustment

5. Set the power on and off

6. The phone book and dialing board can be dialed freely

7. High-definition camera, remote camera

8. Early warning, electronic fence

9. Super long record, historical track

10.SOS emergency help

11. Shunfeng ear, remote listening

12. Voice intercom, chat happily

13. High-definition touch screen, healthy eye protection

14. Multiple alarm clock reminders

15. Block calls from strangers, etc.

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