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Electronic Handheld Game, Music Magic Cube for Logic Games Flip & Slide Toys, Stress Reliever Fidget Toys with 4 Game Modes, Fun Gift Toy for Adult and Children

A game that tests your eyesight and hand speed

1. Speed mode

Complete 10 actions as fast as possible! Time is measured by scores.

2. Level Mode

Level up by solving "light sequences"-do you have the ability to reach level 8? (With the improvement of the level, the time given to the operation will be reduced)

3. Memory mode

Remember the flashing light sequence. At the beginning, only 2 squares are lit, but at the 8th level it will grow to 4 squares.

4. Multiplayer games

Solve the puzzle and pass it on to the next player-but watch out! Time is passing, you don't want to be the person holding the device when the light explosion occurs! (The loser is the person holding the unit when this happens) It's fun! Addictive!

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