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Kids 3D Drawing Pen

Name: 3D smart printing pen

Spinning speed: adjustable

Color: pink, yellow, purple, blue

Nozzle so far: 0.7MM

Discharge method: hot melt extrusion accumulation molding

Theoretical spinning capacity: 0.075 m³/min

Forming method: three-dimensional stacking

Power adapter: 110-240V 2A

Drawing Range: Unlimited

Product size: 184*31*45MM

Thickness: hand grip

Materials used: PLA/ABS

Supplies Diameter: 1.75MM

Net weight: 0.065KG

Rated electrical parameters: DC5V 2A 10W

Theoretical use temperature: ABS (210-235°C) PLA (160-210°C)


This product must be used under the direct supervision of an adult

This product contains small parts, please do not swallow to avoid choking hazard

Low temperature printing pen use age: 0-6 years old disabled

High temperature printing pen use age: 0-8 years old disabled

Do not touch the tip of the pen

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