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Snow House Projector Lamp with Different Projector animation

Multi-Functions: Projector Light, Night lamp, Music Box, Colorful Light, Sleep Helper

How to use:

1. Projection button: short press: the first press is cold white light; the second press is blue light; the third press is yellow light; the fourth press is three-color gradient; the fifth press is to turn off the light. (Long press to adjust the brightness of the light, stepless dimming cannot adjust the brightness)

2. Rotation key: When the light is turned on, press the first time to rotate, the second time to pause the rotation, and so on.

3. Music button: Short press to turn on the music, short press again to switch to your favorite music. When the music is on, long press to turn off the music.

4. Night light button: Short press for the first time to warm up the light, press it again to turn off the light. When the light is on, press and hold to adjust the brightness of the light

Batteries: 1200mAh

Product Size: 119*119*135.5mm

Material: ABS+PC+PET+PP

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